In 16th century Hungary, a naive servant girl becomes her sister’s only hope of escape from the castle of the seductress Countess Bathory - the most notorious mass murderer in history.





Servants of Blood is a classic horror mini-series about Elizabeth Bathory, the beautiful 16th century countess that brutally tortured, raped and murdered more than 650 of her servant girls; becoming the most notorious mass murder in history.


The story centers around Luisa, a naive peasant girl that becomes her sisters only hope of escape from the seductive countess. After sneaking into the castle and barely escaping, Louisa is forced to go back into the danger of the castle and face off with Bathory once and for all.






Demographic | 18 - 35 yrs



Phase of Deveoplment: Treatment

Writers: Stephen Robertson, Marc Petey

Producers: Greendale Productions Inc.

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