A sci-fi spectacle about a kidnapping gone wrong and the forbidden interspecies love that forms between a human refugee and an alien princess. 





On the distant utopian planet, one million human children have taken refuge amongst the local inhabitants and are considered second class citizens. Janus - the leader of a group of young humans - has recruited a group of skilled pilots to help move illegal cargo for the Under Market to make a better life for himself. When a deal goes wrong and one of Ze pilots is kept as ransom, Janus and the Ze need a plan that'll produce a substanial amount of cash to get their friend back. In a desperate act, they scheme a plan to kidnap the young Saphindel princess, CAXA. 

Demographic | 18 - 35 yrs

Phase of Deveoplment: Treatment

Writers: Jody Wilson

Producers: Roux & Francis, Greendale Productions Inc.

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