Greendale Productions has been bringing high quality, market driven productions to the screen for nearly a decade. We excel in the execution of motion picture production with a wide range of experience from its members spanning twenty plus years. With our roots in high-end visual effects, Greendale made the move into high-concept production and is now expanding into content creation itself.  We guide each venture to a completely polished, market ready and profitable product.

Producer/Managing Director

Marc Petey is a founding member of Greendale Productions, a recent graduate of the Cineplex/CFC Producer’s Lab and an award winning producer.  With roots that go back to his childhood he has a strong understanding of all aspects of the filmmaking process.  He is passionate about film and thrives on bringing logical, compelling, market-wise stories to the screen.

CEO/Post-Production Supervisor

As Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Robertson executes the every day business operations while concurrently ushering in the next phases of creative development. With credentials such as Batman v Superman, Captain America: Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy, Stephen’s overwhelming professional experience play a vital role in the success of all of Greendale's accomplishments. Stephen’s strong business sense and industry knowledge has created a cornerstone for Greendale Productions, garnering the company a firm, established reputation within the industry.



Acting as Creative Director for Greendale Productions, Eric Petey is a seasoned veteran within the visual effects community. Eric has spent a successful career lending his talents to such blockbuster smashes as Transformers, Thor and most recently Batman v Superman. In 2015 Eric shifted into the role of Director, releasing his first feature length science fiction movie “Helix”. With upcoming projects slated for 2017, Greendale Productions is beyond thrilled to have Eric on board as its in-house director.

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